Our motion graphics and visuals have been displayed during many shows in Uganda, East-Africa and beyond. ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival), HAIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts), Bayimba (Kampala), SKIFF (Goma, DRC) have been displaying our creations. We collaborated with Yole! Africa, Burudani Dance Company, Xenson and Soul Beat Africa to perform unique pieces. XL Events is our main partner when it comes to corporate events and concerts in Kampala. Watch this video displayed at the beginning of their shows.


For corporate events, and specificaly for the launching and activation of new products, a special graphic creation always spices up the reveal during the show. For clubs and hotels we blend a mix of our own, using video footage, graphics and sometimes paintings and sculptures. If you go to Silk club in Kampala watch out our graphics on the plasmas.


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