'Zamora' is much more than a Swahili love story...it is an evolution of one man's hidden desires, and his quest to find true love. Filmed against a backdrop of the mystical and mythological world of Zanzibar, the story revolves around Zamora, a vain artist/womanizer on a voyage of self discovery.

Zamora's passion for the unknown, a reckless adventurous lifestyle and a sordid past lands him in nightmarish situations. Through three separate emotionally charged relationships, (Zulfa, Saada and Zareena) he almost becomes a victim of the confrontation between the good and the evil.

Shot in Zanzibar / Tanzania
Cast : Richard Bezuidenhout, Richa Adhia, Renalda Arbogast, Habiba Mwinyi
Directed by Shams Bhanji                                                                 
Produced by Javed Jafferji / ZG Films
Cinematography and editing by Cyril Ducottet
Written by Michiel Van Oosterhout
Original soundtrack by Matona Mohamed, Mafudh Ali Mafudh, Rajab Suleman and Bi Kidude

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